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Recent Recent studies have shown that time spent on sites like Facebook increase the risk of depression and anxiety. We need your help to show it is possible for social media to have a healthy influence!

In recent years, YouTube has become the epitome of online learning. Now, with the click of a mouse or  just a few keystrokes you can find the answers to your health related questions as well!

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Online learning is becoming more and more Join us in our interactive virtual health education classroom; and, for the truly committed, even earn your own Health Coaching certificate in our advanced course. Contact us for more info).

Meet the Host

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Ron Meinhardt

An innovative and dynamic speaker specializing in the areas of prevention and wellness, Ron retired from clinical nursing over ten years ago and now regularly conducts health seminars both in the US and abroad. He is also founder and executive director of Entering Wedge Media, LLC (a multifaceted organization focusing on primary health education).


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